Toenail Fungus Treatment Pen

$14.89  $18.89

✌KILLS FUNGI AND OTHER BAD NAIL MICROORGANISMS. Inside the package are 4 fungus treatment pens carefully manufactured to produce the most effective treatment for damaged nails due to fungal infection, molds, and yeast. On a regular use of 2-3 times daily for 3 weeks, your nails will be back to freshness.

✌MOST CONVENIENT NAIL TREATMENT. Each pen has a fine brush tip that protects your nails as you apply the solution. It reaches each corner of your toenails where fungus and molds usually live. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes and let the science of healing your nails begin.

✌DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. Nail Repair Pen is so gentle to your skin but definitely is the most effective antifungal nail treatment. It cures the yellowness of the nails, heals cracks and brittleness of your precious toenails so you are so ready to wear open-toe sandals or go barefooted.

✌BEST REPAIR KIT. The formula is non-oil based and gently keeps the moisture of your nails while killing fungus and molds. It quickly penetrates the skin around the nails while treating the yellowness and the cracks on it. Your nails will be as clean and as good-looking as before.

✌GOODBYE FUNGI FOREVER. With regular and proper use, your toenails will be cured and healed and persistent fungi will never come back anymore. Nail Repair Pen is the best antifungal nail treatment since it only does not cure for the moment, but it also protects your toenails from being a haven of fungi again.